If you are looking for a business which prides itself on providing customers with reliable service, M & S Drive Shafts is the answer.

Mark Cresevic, owner of M & S Drive Shafts Pty. Ltd., recognises that it is nice to have a choice and that’s why the company offers a range of drive shafts and tail shafts in both new, everything replaced and reconditioned versions.

With our fully equipped workshop we can offer full repair, and/or fitting of drive shafts, tail shafts, CV joints and related products for all makes and model vehicles as well as trucks and marine.

Our ample facilities and equipment also allows us to provide a “while you wait” service for that urgent job and we’ll get you on your way quickly.

For supply only, delivery is available to all states with free delivery to the Melbourne metropolitan area.

 For further details, please email us or call on

03 9310-8700